Adult toys throughout history

Adult toys throughout history

Adult toys are nothing new because people have always sought new ways to enrich their sexual experience and to maximize sexual pleasure. We already know that these toys are almost as old as human society. But today, when technology takes over almost everything in our lives, adult toys have become different and diverse. Most of these things can be considered techniques marvels.


Nowadays, we can buy them everywhere and some of these toys are really amazing. But, have you ever wondered how it all started. How did the forerunners of modern adult toys look like? What was their main function? You might be surprised.


toy14It has been assumed that the first adult toy appeared in the tenth century. The adult toys such as dildo have they roots in ancient Greece. It was the pennis substitue and was made of wood, leather, glass and even from rock. They made these toys of whathever material was available at that time and it has to be lubricated a lot with oil in order to be used comfortablly. It is not something you would actually like to have, isn’t it.


These toys, called olisbos, were very popular between lonely women who wanted to satisfy their sexual desires. Over the years, olisbo was changing a lot until finally it became dildo. The modern dildo is made of materials such as cyberskin which resemble human skin. Unlike olisbos, the modern dildo can be used safely and comfortably and more importantly, it can really enhance sex life.


ring1A few hunder years later, the cock rings and penis extenders appeared. The first penis extenders were made of wood or leather which had a hole in one end. Once again, they had to be lubricated a lot, and the experience of using these extenders was far from delightful. The cock rings were made out of ivory, lead and jade. How much pleasure these material can bring? Well, you can just imagine.


Then the first vibrator appeared. These devices or rather tools were steam driven and served for clitoral stimulation. They were used by doctors to cure hysteria in women to bring
emotional relief to so called irrational women. Stunned? There’s more. New models of vibrators came with the invention of electricity and there were, in a word-scary.  Women had to be really brave, or better to say really stupid to try these vibrators.Good-Vibrations-Antique-Vibrator-Museum-San-Francisco-California-2602


As we can see, adult toys always had important place in human society


Fortunately, today we have adult toys which are perfectly safe and comfortable for use. These things are made from jelly, cyberskin and silicone, a hypoallergenic material which can cause no harm. There is wide array of adult toys that are made exclisively for the private enjoyment. . Thanks to the sexual revolution, the adult toys have become available for everyone who wants to use them in order to enrich his sex life.They can be used for solo or partnered sexual experience. And most importantly, today we can get them whenever we want with a few mouse clicks.

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